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Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers who come from two feuding families, the Montague and Capulet, who live in Verona.

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Juliet meets her death when she takes a drug that would help her run away from marrying Paris.

When she feigns death, Romeo thinks that she is indeed dead. Upon realizing that Romeo is dead, she stabs herself and genuinely dies.

Some feel sorry about their eventual death while others think that their final death reconciled their feuding families and united the two lovers.

This essay will argue that by breaking the rules, Romeo and Juliet finally attain success and independence.

Maybe he actually felt bad that he had turned a generation of kids toward foul language and impure thoughts. I was just trying to get out of paying a fine that was justified, for cursing that was probably justified, learned from music that will forever be justified. For the last twenty years, whenever I was up at five in the morning, I knew that Prince was up too, somewhere, in a sense sharing a workspace with me.

I thought I saw Prince wince a little bit, too, and I walked away wondering if I just confirmed to him that he was justified in taking a hard line. It was the only way to achieve that level of greatness (which was, of course, impossible, but that’s aspirational thinking for ya). It’s just a lonely hour now, a cold time before the sun comes up.

Whenever it seemed like too steep a climb, I reminded myself that Prince did it, so I had to also.

is a famous play by the great playwright William Shakespeare.

I had a simple rule: if Prince listened to it, I listened to it. It was such a banner year for the use of drum machines, from Arthur Baker to Afrika Bambaataa. magazine, he was telling tall tales left and right. He built a crew, a posse, around his look and his sense of style.

Prince’s programming work on 1999 was beyond anything I had ever heard, just as innovative as the best hip-hop producers in the years to come: the Bomb Squad, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Dr.


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