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Much in part, due to its effectiveness in helping clients feel comfortable with themselves and most importantly the therapist.

This technique is especially effective in dealing with sensitive issues such as child molestation, spousal abuse, and drug problems (Allen 1994).

This can benefit the effectiveness of therapy greatly by getting to the root of the problem much earlier.

Other than genuineness, another powerful tool used by client centered therapists is unconditional positive regard.

In essence, the therapist is saying to the client, “Hey, look I have nothing to hide from you, what you see is what you get.” In doing this, a client may become more comfortable with themselves and thus able to share sensitive information.

In a way, the use of genuineness helps both the client and the therapist drop their preconceived roles.

The great thing about this orientation is that it is a very directive and time efficient approach.

This is because its theoretical constructs rely heavily on a cognitive-behavioral basis.

It can be characterized by a therapist being accepting, valuing, and positive toward a client regardless of his or her behavior (Allen 1994).

This is really one of the strongest assets of client-centered therapy.


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