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Beside the three necessary components of food products mentioned above, there are also vitamins and other biologically active agents. For instance, vitamin A is important for the eye sight, helping eye active protein , and vitamin D, which is synthesized in our skin or gets into with food, protects children from a rickets illness.So, it is absolutely clear that it is important to be a smart eater and choose your ration with great responsibility.

This Nutrition Month of July shall be in lieu of the previously declared Nutrition Week in March.

Nutrition month is a tradition in different countries. The nutrition month slogan for 2013 in United States is "Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day"(according to the American Dietetic Association).

1st year Dependable got the 1st place, 3rd year A got the 2nd place and 1st year committed got the 3rd place.

After few minutes of break, the Search for A1 child 2008 started.

491 signed June 25, 1974 by President Ferdinand Marcos Section 7. The month of July shall be designated as NUTRITION MONTH, for the purpose of creating greater awareness among our people on the importance of nutrition.

Activities thereto shall be approved and coordinated by the Council.

The program runs like this: In the morning, the students have a food fair, each level decorated their booth and sell cuisines.

Elementary students sell nutritious food like fruit salad, pancit, eggs and etc. 1st year class was assigned to cook Seafood cuisines, 2nd year for Asia cuisines and 3rd year for World cuisines.

Some of the games are Tug of War, Stop Dance and Pasa Buko.

The food cooking competition started an hour and a half before noon.


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