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This tragic misrepresentation of Nietzsche's philosophy has stained his legacy.Hitler and the Nazi party selectively read Nietzsche's works in order to bolster their regime, and white supremacists today do much the same thing.For example, a historian might look at the crucifixion of Jesus, and trace its many impacts on political, social, and economic life throughout history.

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Rather he wants to present you with an alternative picture of life -- a new perspective -- and he wants you to put your beliefs in strife with this new picture.

This is why you will often see him using flagrant and hyperbolic language uncharacteristic of other philosophers.

And also like Socrates, he gives lots of criticisms but few clear answers!

This is partially because both philosophers start from a humble standpoint: Socrates admits that "All he knows is that he knows nothing," and Nietzsche reminds us that we are all animals approaching any problem from a certain biased perspective.

Friedrich Nietzsche (Nee'-Cha) was born in 1844 in Germany.

It might be helpful to think of him as following in the footsteps of Socrates.…Now it has gone so far that I have to defend myself hand and foot against people who confuse me with these anti-Semitic canaille; after my own sister, my former sister, and after Widemann more recently have given the impetus to this most dire of all confusions.After I read the name Zarathustra in the anti-Semitic Correspondence my forbearance came to an end.Once Nietzsche was placed in their care, they began doctoring his works and publishing them to take advantage of his popularity in order to further their Aryan-supremacist agenda.They added passages of their own writing, removed Nietzsche's passages that were explicitly against anti-Semitism, and otherwise changed passages to align his philosophy with theirs.I am now in a position of emergency defense against your spouse’s Party.These accursed anti-Semite deformities shall not sully my ideal!! In these works, he gives a "genealogy" of our modern conception of morality, which he believes is dominated by Christianity.Just like John Stuart Mill, Nietzsche is a proponent of Epistemic Relativism, the position that knowledge is valid only relatively to a specific context, society, culture or individual. What are you, after all, my written and painted thoughts! You have already doffed your novelty, and some of you, I fear, are ready to become truths, so immortal do they look, so pathetically honest, so tedious! ( Nietzsche is part philosopher, part psychologist, part comparative linguist, and part historian, but above all he is an artist.He does not present his work as the Truth, nor does he want you to throw away your uncritical beliefs and uncritically accept his.Elizabeth even falsified letters he wrote later in life.Of the collection of 505 of her brother's letters that Förster-Nietzsche published in 1909, just 60 were the original versions and 32 of them were entirely made up (source).


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