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Coal is also the major source of air pollutant in the world so there is much discussion about regulating its usage.

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Coal is estimated to be able to last less than 200 more years.

One of the issues is that as countries such as China increase their demands on the coal supply it will dwindle faster.

It isn’t just that you can plan for an increase in need according to an increase of percentage of use per billion persons, as societies grow and become more modernized their reasonable use of natural resources also increases in proportion to people and industry.

It seems the most logical thing in the world to believe that the natural resources of the Earth, upon which the race depends for food, clothing and shelter, should be owned collectively by the race instead of being the private property of a few social parasites.

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We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.It is essential for the existence of plants, animals and wildlife.It is important to reduce air pollution as polluted air degrades the environment and can enter our body and can cause health related problems.They take years to form without the intervention of humans.The Mother Earth is abundant with natural resources that develop on this planet using its surrounding environment.It is one thing to practice conservation, but as the population grows – so too does the demand.Another problem is that as 3 world countries continue to progress in industrialization, their need for resources is going to increase.This includes all valued characteristics such as magnetic, gravitational, and electrical properties and forces.On earth it includes: sunlight, atmosphere, water, land along with all vegetation and animal life that naturally subsists upon or within the heretofore identified characteristics and substances.” With the world’s population fast approaching almost 8 billion the issue becomes one of resource management as well.There are number of ways to keep the air clean and reduce air pollution like riding bus instead of using your own vehicle, carpooling etc.Read here more about causes and effects of air pollution.


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