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The lady of the house mingles with the guest with joy and enthusiasm. On Christmas Eve everybody attends the midnight mass in the church. Everybody prays that they may lead a happy life in the coming year. Most of the big shops have special discounts and sales. Sol Invictus is the Roman sun god whose birthday celebration falls on December 25.Scholars agree that this date was most likely picked because the Roman calendar lists the 25th as the winter solstice.Few people can confidently say why the United States celebrates Christmas on December 25.And I imagine even fewer people know why we give gifts, or why we pucker up when we find ourselves under some mistletoe.All executions were cancelled and war was never declared during this time.This festival has been traced to 217 BC and increased days in duration over many years. David Gwynn, a professor of ancient and late antique history at the University of London says that the festival continued up to 100 years after the Rome’s conversion to Christianity in 312 CE. Gwynn, however, also says that Saturnalia does have a rival celebration that comes onto the scene.The answers to these questions are under a thick layer of rich human and mythological history.For me, the majority of these discoveries were absolutely shocking—Christ was never in Christmas.Interestingly, evidence suggests there was an undeniable overlap between the sun god Sol Invictus, Judaism and Christianity during the These quarter points of the year were celebrated with feasts and celebrations.In the case of the winter solstice, ancient Romans partook in the festival of Saturnalia.


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