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6) Those labourers who were working in mines, chemical and radiological factories, power plants etc were prone to injuries.

7) Lots of labourers while working in the risky industries either fell ill or lost their lives.

2) Labour Day is celebrated to honour the hard work and dedication of labourers for proper running of industrial units and other economical sectors.

3) Labour Day starts with giving tribute to those labour leaders who struggled for the rights of labourers.

4) There are various countries which celebrate Labour Day on different dates depending on the days important to them.

5) United States of America celebrates the Labor Day on the first Monday of September every year as a national holiday.There are several labour and trade unions which struggle for the rights of labour welfare along with the government.We are providing ten lines on Labour Day in English.It will also enhance your knowledge on Labour Day; the information can be used in putting on your notice board under the topic ‘labour day’ or can be used in the assembly discussions.1) Labour Day is celebrated on 1 of May every year in many countries to mark the importance of labourers in nation building.2) Labourers are the one of the key contributors for the growing economy of a nation.3) Labourers do hard work throughout the year in order to make smooth running of the factories and industries.8) Government has also started providing insurance, financial and pension services for their better future.9) Their salary as well as different wages has been increased by the government and regular counselling sessions are provided to them.may every year but some countries have different days of celebration.Labour Day is also known as international workers day and this day has been declared as a holiday for all the workers and professionals of the world whether working in government or private sector.


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