Essay On Importance Of Moral Values In School

That is why it is impossible to manage the development of morality in the usual sense of the word.If we put some money into the development of science and art, over time we could expect tangible results. Morality is comprehensive and elusive at the same time.The existence of morality can be interpreted as public recognition of the fact that the life and interests of the individual are guaranteed only if solid unity of society as a whole is provided.

The system must be designed as such that the individual at a formative stage should distinguish to differentiate between what is good and what is bad.

Here practical learning should take precedence over bookish learning.

The environment in which people live has always influenced patterns of behaviour, attitudes, actions, beliefs, values and ethics.

There is need for schools to encourage the youth to understand why people do one thing and not another.

In this view, moral education should contribute not only to the students as individuals, but also to the social cohesion of a community.

A moral education system must begin by defining the morals which are most important for not only the individual but for the society as a whole.The study of morality is vital because we live in a world of rapid change where there are various cultures coming into conflict, in which people are not guided by a single code of ethics but by many different values and rules.The differences are often not easily reconciled; and, in fact, may be irreconcilable.Moral values are values that express ideas about the good life.As such, concern for the moral virtues, such as honesty, responsibility, and respect for others, is the domain of moral education.Moral education influences the social thinking of the individual and makes him/her distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.Moral education is a basic need for modern times where one is fast witnessing a degeneration of moral values.They have the form of an imperative (direct and unconditional command).People have been convinced that the strict implementation of moral rules does not always lead to success in life, although morality continues to insist on strict compliance with its requirements.Therefore, moral education should be an integral part of the school and college curriculum.Morality is included in all spheres of public life due to the ability of men and society to expose the moral assessment of all aspects of social life (economic, political, spiritual, and so on), and to give moral support to the economic, political, religious, scientific and aesthetic aspects of society.


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