Essay On Importance Of Girl Education

Alter the regressive nature of the society- It is believed that girl education in India is not that important as they grow up to eventually be stay-at-home mothers.

Due to the regressive nature of India’s society, the development of girl education has been hampered to a large extent.

They know how to obtain a girl's heart and they also know just how to break it.

Even though the world seems like it's never going to be the same and the pain will never heal, it does.

Especially women education in India is the need of the hour.

In terms of inhabitants, India is the second largest nation in the world but the rate of girl education in India is extremely low.

Peers in school and outside of school may seem like friends but no one is a friend if they pressure her to do something she does not want to do.

There are many situations a young girl is put into such as: doing drugs, drinking alcohol & sexual intercourse.

At this young age a girl does not fully know what is out there in life.

By being a moral individual a young girl can achieve anything she puts her mind to.


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