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Papers documenting the American career of Russian-American choreographer George Balanchine.

Also includes records of the New York City Ballet (1948-1987), and records of the George Balanchine Foundation and the George Balanchine Trust (1983-1989).

Barr Jr., for encouraging contemporary artists to ignore art’s history and techniques.

(New York: New Directions, 1966) Kirstein wrote poetry and fiction throughout his life.

follows Kirstein’s experience, from training and transport across the Atlantic to witnessing the aftermath of violence. tells the story of the first black soldiers to fight for the Union Army through a close look at Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ monument in Boston to that regiment’s fallen.

The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment was later made famous by the 1989 movie , which was partially inspired by this book. Extended loan from the United States WPA Art Program.

In addition to publishing volumes on the artists he championed, he took on subjects such as Hollywood stars and fairytale cats, tap dancers and Buddhist temples. Emblazoned with a patriotic eagle, this book was Kirstein’s “Program and Manifest.” A reviewer neatly summarized Kirstein's position, “There is no reason except prejudice why we should not, and every reason in logic why we should, develop our own American ballet.” . “The photographic eye of Walker Evans represents much that is best in photography’s past and in its American present,” he declared.

Looking back, Kirstein recalled the way the written word had broadened his horizons. solidified Walker Evans’s reputation as one of the most significant photographers in the US. Conservation was made possible by the Bank of America Art Conservation Project.

The archive also includes business correspondence of the New York City Ballet from the time of its establishment in 1948 to 1989.

A small part of the archive concerns the operations of the George Balanchine Foundation established three month after Balanchine's death in 1983, and the George Balanchine Trust formed in 1987 to facilitate the licensing of George Balanchine works throughout the world.


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