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Charles Dube – IN this episode I will consider a number of issues starting with Antonio and Bassanio’s friendship.The question in mind is how good a friend Antonio is to Bassanio and how good a friend is Bassanio to Antonio?What is interesting is that Antonio says that it is not just his purse (wallet) that is unlocked for Bassanio’s use, he is also making his entire “person” available to his friend.

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He has made me a Christian.” The idea here is that Jessica’s marriage to a Christian man will automatically make her a Christian.

This is a Biblical allusion which says a woman is sanctified by her husband.

Solanio says: “Here comes Bassanio, your most noble kinsman, Gratiano, and Lorenzo.

Fare ye well, we leave you now with better company.” Salerio in turn says: “I would have stayed till I had made you merry, if worthier friends had not prevented me.

Antonio says: “Well, tell me now what lady is the same to whom you swore a secret pilgrimage, that you today promised to tell me of.” There is a school of thought that Bassanio’s new courtship seems likely to be the source of Antony’s sadness as it is at the foremost of his mind.

Can we say Antonio is obsessed with Bassanio’s courtship of Portia while at the same time worried about the repercussions of the success of the mission?Launcelot Gobbo shows his dislike of the Jew — to him the Jew is the devil incarnation.Jessica, Shylock’s daughter echoes this when she says: “Our house is hell,” and “Alack, what heinous sin is it in me, to be ashamed to be my father’s child.” Shylock is shown as bloodthirsty and a heartless villain in the majority of cases in the play.Antonio, the merchant of Venice, and it is to him that the title of the play refers.He is known to be rich, generous and helpful to those around him.For views and comments link up with [email protected] or sms only to 0772113207.Antonio and Bassanio's friendship is a very close one. I also think that Bassanio is also Antonio's best friend because Antonio lent money to Bassanio so he can pay his debts while living the high and fun life.He has been especially kind to his close friend Bassanio.At the beginning of the play Antonio tells his other friends Salerio and Solanio that he is sad at heart but cannot say why.Antonio also Bassanio that all the money that he needed to pay Antonio that Bassanio did not need to pay him the money that he borrows a long time ago.Antonio is really a nice and kind friend and Bassanio is really lucky to have him.


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