Essay On Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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So I think that, in time, this probably will be the final chapter of this particular debate about embryonic stem cells, but I don’t think we’re at the end of it quite yet.

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What it means is that our common humanity is something that we all share.

And what that means, in turn, is that we can’t treat a human being in certain ways that we might non-human beings. And to the extent that the debate is about whether it is acceptable to destroy a living human being for the purpose of science – even for the purpose of helping other human beings – I think that in that sense, the embryo is our equal.

I think that balance has changed because of this advance, and having an alternative to embryonic stem cell research that achieves the same result will obviously affect the way people think about the ethics of this issue.

That doesn’t mean the scientists no longer have any use for embryonic stem cells or even that they won’t have any use for them.

For some people, myself included, the ethical concerns are matters of principle and don’t change with new developments.

But for a lot of people, the stem cell debate has always been a matter of balance.

But I do think it means that people are going to change the way they reason about the balance between science and ethics because of this advance.

I know that you believe that human embryos have intrinsic worth.

The new development offers the possibility that the controversy over the use of embryos could end.

But many scientists and supporters of embryonic stem cell research caution that this advance has not eliminated the need for embryos, at least for the time being.


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