Essay On Earthquake In 2011 To 2012

However, results from new investigations into the 2011 Tohoku followed, requiring additional publication outlets.

Additionally, in the remainder of 2011 through 2012 several other tsunami events occurred (Fig.

However, along the Ibaraki and Chiba coasts, wave heights from the 2011 Tohoku and the Chilean tsunamis are positively correlated, showing a general decrease toward the south with small local variations such as large heights near peninsulas.

S) next describe in detail the maximum runup height of nearly 40 m measured in a funneling coastal valley of the Aneyoshi district north of the entrance to Yamada Bay.

Wave records from offshore GPS-buoys are introduced in a numerical model to analyze the measured localized runup amplification.

The results indicated that a spectral component with a relatively short dominant period of 4–5 min in the leading wave plays a key role in the tsunami runup amplification by local bathymetry and topography.

This includes tsunamis in El Salvador, the Philippines, Japan and the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Finally, we present four new papers on tsunami science, including discussions on tsunami event duration, tsunami wave amplitude, tsunami energy and tsunami recurrence. The 1960 tsunami propagated throughout the entire Pacific Ocean, affecting areas located far from the source, and demonstrated the necessity of international cooperation.

In general, we can say that the tools available for tsunami research have dramatically improved over the last 35 years.

While the 1980s were rife with scientific ideas and theories about tsunami waves, there was very little empirical data; now we have an abundance of observational data, but sometimes not enough ideas to explain the new findings!


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