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(John Fletcher) According to research, it does not matter whether the driver is using a hands-free device when he answers his phone as the mere talking to someone while driving decreases a driver’s attentiveness to driving.

The same is true if a driver reads a text message or attempts to compose a text message while driving which are also distracting.

Yet, little attention has been given to the third ingredient which is safe drivers.

Studies have shown that the biggest threats to road safety are the drivers themselves.

There are three ingredients for ensuring safety while on the road: safe cars, safe roads, and safe drivers.

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Nowadays, significant improvements have been made by car manufacturers in ensuring that the cars being driven on the road are safe.

In a number of studies involving driving-related accidents, negligent drivers are considered to be the primary cause of these accidents.

This is actually not surprising as motorists themselves admit that they have ignored safety on the road.

According to newspaper reports, overspeeding and drunk-driving were the reasons for her early demise.

It appeared that the driver was driving very fast at around 80mph as they attempted to escape commercial photographers who were chasing them.


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