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The women whom they sent to sent to the reformatories were most likely the White, working-class women (Mallicoat, 2012).Based on the viewpoint that they designed the jail to improve the women’s moral character, the women received sentence for various crimes.As a new perspective, the reformatory became an institution, which they developed for the purpose of rehabilitating women from their immoral behaviors.

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These crimes included indecent and vulgar behavior, fornication, veneral disease, adultery and a series of premarital pregnancies.

In comparison to male institutions, the custodial institutions had design and values.

Even though they set a female warden at the Mount Pleasant, the male Sing Sing administrators still had complete control.

These males had minimal perception about the nature of criminality in the females.

Additionally, the overcrowded prisons deprive the inmates of resources.

This unavailability of resources and the absence of a peaceful environment can produce destructive outcome for the prisoners (Dhannyya, 2012).

Interestingly, some facilities had prison nursery programs that gave the mothers, while they remain in incarceration, the opportunity to stay with their young children.

They additionally, created gender-responsive programming to address the particular needs of the female offenders (Mallicoat, 2012).

During the 1820s and 1830s, several American reformers came from liberal religious backgrounds within the middle- and upper-class communities.

These reformers’ efforts led to noteworthy changes for the incarcerated women, which included the development of separate women institutions.


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