Essay On Discipline In Everyday Life

Essay On Discipline In Everyday Life-79
There is an obvious reason for this – while you can control yourself (most of the time); most things which happen in this world are outside of your control.Self-discipline is needed at all times, whether you are feeling good or bad. It’s only when you are on a bad day and struggling that you notice your need for self-discipline.It should be a tenor and mode of life based upon moral basis rather than an exter­nal compulsion caused by an unscrupulous and power-hungry autho­ritarian government.

Without this our social life will become a mess and will soon go out of gear.

Even in small day-to-day things like walking along the road, boarding a bus, baying a ticket from the counter or doing, or getting a work done in a govern­ment office, citizens must show a sense of discipline.

Similarly, only a dedi­cated and disciplined student can carne out a brilliant career for himself and serve the motherland.

Wanton indulgence in indiscipline, strikes, demonstrations, drug-addiction, beating up of teachers in examinations, molestation of girls, boycotting classes, defying the authorities and fighting pitched battles with the police, which has become the bane of student life in free India of today are, in a way, the negation of the-very theme and purpose of the student life.

It is essential for the preservation of social values.

Essay On Discipline In Everyday Life

But discipline should be inborn and self-imposed rather than externally imposed.

There are many inspirational gurus who will tell you that life can be easy and when you take their advice, you will never have to struggle.

There are many words to describe that kind of advice but most of them shouldn’t really appear on a website of this nature. No matter what you do in your life or, how you organise it; there will be times when you struggle, when you feel down, when you don’t want to do anything and when you really don’t care if the world falls apart.

In a family, members have to work as a cohesive team under the charge of the ‘pater familias’ i.e., the father or the bread-winner.

But if the sense of discipline is not instilled into the minds of the members, each going his own way in his own manner, life in the family becomes a living hell, in our social life, we are required to follow certain norms of behavior and make a harmonious adjustment between our rights and duties.


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