Essay On Disadvantages Of Machines

Essay On Disadvantages Of Machines-21
Machines help in the exploitation of natural resources for the benefit of the people.Natural wealth of rivers, forests, minerals, land, mountains, seas, etc., can be properly exploited and used for productive purposes with machines.

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Working on the same machine makes the work of a worker monotonous. The factory system gives rise to urbanisation with its bad effects like congestion, pollution, slums, dislocation of family life, diseases, etc.

There is no joy and satisfaction for him because he performs the same work over the years. If the worker wants to migrate to some other place, it is difficult for him to find the same job in which he specialises. The use of machinery leads to the development of the factory system and the evils associated with it. Machinery adversely affects the economy in a number of ways: (a) Class conflicts lead to strikes and lockouts.

The efficiency of the worker increases because he can work accurately and faster, and produce quality products in larger quantities.

Jobs which are dirty dull and involve lifting of heavy loads are done by machines.

Fourthly, machines require for their operations, repairs and maintenance, educated and skilled manpower.

This leads to the setting up of institutions on formal and technical education which create demand for the teaching staff.

The use of machines helps the producer in many ways which tends to increase his production and income.

It leads to large scale production, division of labour and specialisation. For example, a person operating a computer or a tractor finishes his work faster than many persons engaged in doing the same work by hands.

Thirdly, after some use, machines need maintenance, repairs and replacement.

For manufacturing their spare parts, and for repairs and maintenance, machines also need men.


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