Essay On Crime And Deviance

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We can relate this to the human body; each organ is needed to function in order to support the other, just as society is interdependent on each other.Durkheim suggests that there are two crucial elements in understanding crime, at first these appear to be slightly contradictory.

Because people have different social positions and roles/ statuses they will each hold different thoughts, ideas, goals, hobbies and interests.

This results in mechanical solidarity disappearing. Durkheim argues that as the division of labour becomes more and more specialised people become dependent on one and other for their basic needs.

Group members have the opportunity to come together and share a common goal reminding group members what values they share and strengthening social cohesion.

He also suggests that deviance allows society to clarify norms and as previously they are vague and unclear bu8t when such an incident occurs, through social reaction society is able to agree on common values.

So terrorists or freedom fighters may represent the future.

Essay On Crime And Deviance

Durkheim argues that crime and deviance is created by integral parts of society (and not a number of small individuals), these integral parts form a crucial function in society.

When crime becomes dysfunctional is when the crime rate is unusually high or extremely low.

Speed of change in modern society can encourage this temporary unhealthy state to come about.

Illustrate your discussion with reference to age and crime.

With the rise in mass media, the reporting of crime and deviance has become commonplace.


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