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Primary healthcare programs aim to reduce risk factors and increase health promotion and prevention.Secondary healthcare is related to "hospital care" where acute care is administered in a hospital department setting.

“When women give birth here, they do not leave home for a week,” Emilia explains.

“So it is important to go and see them, so we can see how they are doing.

Award-winning photojournalist Kate Holt, on assignment with Jhpiego, a global health nonprofit, documents an average day in Emilia’s busy schedule.

Emilia Hayford, 27, begins the day in her room that adjoins the Akentenchie village clinic.

She also convinces Agnes to attend the child welfare clinic later that afternoon to ensure all of her children have been properly immunized against common diseases.

At the child welfare clinic, Emilia educates mothers about their children’s health and other topics, such as reproductive health.

Each category focuses on a different level and approach towards the community or population group.

In the United States, community health is rooted within primary healthcare achievements.

These reports are critical for monitoring the impact of health services.

After a hard day’s work, she returns to her room at the clinic to rest…before starting all over again the next day.


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