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Many of the people of Hinkler town got tumors and cancer and they were dying from this. Erin and the lawyer De wanted PEG&E to pay for all the damages.At first PEG&E wanted to offer a certain amount of money but Erin knew that it wouldn’t be enough to cover the cost for the family’s that had been affected by the chromium.We may share your information with third-party partners for marketing purposes.

She also had a very hard time finding adequate daycare for her children.

One day, Erin Brockovich was filing papers at a lawyer's office when she came across this real estate document.

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Erin found over 600 people in the town of Hinkley, California that became ill because of the contaminated water supply.

Due to their deviant behavior, the law firm where Erin works for ends up suing PG&E on behalf of the 600 plus people for punitive damages.

This family had no idea that their illnesses were the result of water contamination or even that their illnesses had anything in common.

PG&E paid them to see a doctor, and PG&E paid the doctor to say that their illnesses had nothing in common.


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