Essay On Building Is The Only Goal Of Education

This is a test required for admission to most graduate schools.

Discuss with your adviser your potential for advanced study.

This is where an effective faculty adviser, as someone who has ''been there," can provide invaluable help.

Seek out your adviser (or another mentor) and learn what you can as early as possible. Her faculty adviser thinks that she is capable of doing well in graduate school and urges her to try for a Ph D at the university he attended.

This is the time to start meeting and talking with scientists and engineers in fields that interest you.

These early contacts can be crucial in helping you to navigate the terrain of science and engineering as you move through your career.An ecology major would gain perspective from classes in environmental engineering or environmental policy that can have lifelong benefits.Classes in economics, sociology, history, philosophy, English (with emphasis on composition), foreign language, and psychology, spread through the undergraduate years, are immensely useful in helping you to acquire understanding, different experiences, and maturity.Prepare for meetings with your adviser by thinking about where your interests and talents lie; think of four or five points you will make.The more you take the initiative and pose carefully thought-out questions, the more likely it is that your adviser, a busy faculty or staff member with a heavy workload, will take the time and effort necessary to be an effective mentor.But at that moment the country's prime minister was assassinated, his examinations were postponed, and he was prevented from entering the management school for another year.To pass the time, he accepted a job as a newspaper reporter with —a decision that changed his life.In a university setting, you can meet with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers and gain insights about specific graduate programs, possible careers, and the current job market.You can join student chapters of scientific and engineering disciplinary societies, both general (such as the Society of Women Engineers) and specific (such as the American Chemical Society).These can help you gain leadership and communication skills and can often assist in networking with senior members who can provide advice and possibly employment opportunities once you graduate.Work with your undergraduate adviser not only to plan the science or engineering courses you will need, but also to ensure a well-rounded experience in this, your last general educational experience.


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