Essay On Being A Good Listener

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It helps establish positive working relationships with bosses, clients, as well as colleagues at work.

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But in lending that gift to a friend, you also give a gift to yourself.There’s this other thing about listening that I’ve come to understand.It’s embodied in an old story out of the Depression era – not unlike the job-shortage situation we’re facing today.A good listener can always provide emotional support and has a healing power; it is a god sent gift to be a good listener.The gift of listening certainly deserves more credit than it receives in our daily lives. Resolves issues: Good listening helps with resolving issues. Anyway, while I was doing that I also pretty much zipped shut my mouth. Being chosen for that chore is probably one of the highest compliments anyone can bestow on a friend. No, he had two of his own, so it wasn’t like a transplant. In a sense, they were a kind of story – his story – and he needed to have it validated, to know that it was valued and important because it was being heard. He just needed to ease those problems by rubbing the balm of another human being’s attention on them.It is generally someone who is willing to ‘listen’ to us and put-up with our emotional out-pour or complaining even if he or she has nothing to do with the situation.It is not that we desperately need advice; sometimes, we just need someone who can ‘listen’ to us.Many of the problems can be solved by understanding the viewpoints of everybody involved. Builds relationship: Communication is the basis of any relationship.Active and effective listening helps with communicating and as a result, leads to better relationships and friendships. Career enhancement: A good listening skill at work-place is very important.


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