Essay On American Dream

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And it is worth noting that the United States had everything necessary to make this dream become true.

Vast natural resources that are still unknown, efficient economy, convenient geographical location, away from the However, you need to note in your essay that there is still no clear definition for the “American Dream”.

In your essay conclusion, you can quote the words of David Brooks: “Americans live their lives dreaming about the future.

To understand America, you need to serious about the central cliché of American life – the American dream.

Despite the fact that we are faced with boredom and banality of everyday life, this dream revives us, gives us strength and makes us work so much, move as often as actively invent and change something rapidly.

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We continue to strive for new and unusual, even though it does not always bring us the benefit and pleasure.” Perhaps there is a perception that each essay should be finished with a bang.Use the body of my American dream essay to disclose the specialities of your concept views.You can give for example a few examples of people who did accomplish something great.One more thing: your last sentence in this essay should be well-written, even better written than most.It should inspire the same faith and confidence which our ancestors walked through the history on the way to their goal, their dreams.Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd (Australian Business Number 80 612 076 614).This Email Newsletter Privacy Statement pertains to the personally identifying information you voluntarily submit in the form of your email address to receive our email newsletters More generally, when visiting the Aeon site you should refer to our site Privacy Policy here.Thus, the American had unprecedented freedom for the rest of the world.Therefore, the United States were called – “the land of freedom” in the 19th century.Although, many Americans identify the dream with their own house, which was built on their own income on their own land with a large courtyard, car, a big happy family and friendly neighbours.And still one of the main symbols of the American dream is the Statue of Liberty in New York.


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