Essay On Adversity Makes Men

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The one thing we all had in common is that none of this stuff came easy and the only reason we did as well as we did is because we had the guts, determination, and stick-with-it-ness to keep fighting and never give in to hardship.

Make no mistake: we didn’t succeed in spite of the challenges we faced.

They’ve adapted well to human incursion by using remaining trees for nesting, manmade polls for perch-hunting, and deforestation to more easily sight their prey.

Red-tail hawks haven’t just survived adverse conditions; they’ve thrived in them. Likewise, some of the greatest and richest entrepreneurs in the world started with nothing and built their empires using the skills, drive, and street smarts they acquired growing up under adverse conditions to face all sorts of tough challenges and come out on top.

My dad was a postal worker who barely finished high school and my mom, a bank clerk, didn’t even get that far in school.

Yet, I survived the mean streets of Brooklyn, found my way to the high-tech industry, and became a successful senior executive.

Now he’s going up against AT&T and Verizon as chairman of Sprint, which Softbank acquired a controlling interest in two years ago.

Related: The True Meaning of ' Entrepreneur' Son was actually an early investor in Alibaba, the ecommerce giant founded by former English teacher Jack Ma in his apartment in Hanzhou, China.

How you handle adversity, challenge, and competition plays an enormous role in determining how things turn out for you in life.

If you try to avoid those factors I guarantee you won’t be happy about the outcome. It’s fundamental to all living things and deeply rooted in the basics of biology, namely natural selection and survival of the fittest. I live on a mountain range that borders Silicon Valley. I often watch them protect their territory in aerial dogfights with invading black crows.


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