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” Rose tries to play devil’s advocate but fails at every turn with just how poignantly and beautifully Morrison attacks the question.“I remember a review of in which the reviewer said, this is all well and good, but one day she, meaning me, will have to face up to real responsibilities and get mature and write about the real confrontation for black people, which is white people—as though our lives have no meaning and no depth without the white gaze,” Morrison said.Toni Morrison is born in Ohio, United States of America in 1931.She received the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Pulitzer Prize, and in 1993 she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. More about Toni Morrison Toni Morrison is the author of eleven novels, from The Bluest Eye (1970) to God Help the Child (2015).

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And it is upon these women in flight from death and despair that nine male citizens of Ruby will lay their pain, their terror, and their murderous rage.

In prose that soars with the rhythms, grandeur, and tragic arc of an epic poem, Toni Morrison challenges our most fiercely held beliefs as she weaves folklore and history, memory and myth into an unforgettable meditation of race, religion, gender, and a far-off past that is ever present.

Founded by the descendants of freed slaves and survivors in exodus from a hostile world, the patriarchal community of Ruby is built on righteousness, rigidly enforced moral law, and fear.

But seventeen miles away, another group of exiles has gathered in a promised land of their own.

Her famous first novel is The Bluest Eyes in (1970), then Sula (1974) and Song of Solomon (1977) where she is described in Baltimore Sum as ''at the top of her form, uniting meticulous craftsmanship of early works like The Bluest Eyes and Sula with the magical realism and deep moral insight''.

Her works are considered significantly in American modern literature; Brownworth states that Morrison is "who in novels characterized by visionary force and poetic import, gives life to an essential aspect of American reality." (Many Faces of Slavery, 2008).

She is a very well-known feminist writer in America and a Nobel Prize winner.

In her literary life, she is occupied by Virginia Woolf and Leo Tolstoy.

What is fascinating, however, is to observe how their lavish exploration of literature manages not to see meaning in the thunderous, theatrical presence of black surrogacy—an informing, stabilising and disturbing element—in the literature they do study.

in 1998, Rose brought up a question another journalist previously asked her: “Can you imagine writing a novel not centered around race?


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