Essay Liberal Education

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Whether you are a novelist, a businessman, a marketing consultant, or a historian, writing forces you to make choices and brings clarity and order to your ideas.

If you think this has no earthly use, ask Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

I realized that coming from India, I was pretty good at taking tests, at regurgitating stuff I had memorized, but not so good at expressing my own ideas.

Over the course of that semester, I found myself beginning to make the connection between thought and word.

You all know what you’re supposed to be doing these days—study computer science, code at night, start a company, and take it public.

Or, if you want to branch out, you could major in mechanical engineering.

People who studied the liberal arts were either weird or dumb.

(Or they were women because, sadly, in those days, the humanities was seen as an appropriate training for an aspiring housewife but not for a budding professional.) If you were bright, you studied science, so I did.

I don’t think so.” Even President Obama recently urged students to keep in mind that a technical training could be more valuable than a degree in art history.

Majors like English, once very popular and highly respected, are in steep decline.


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