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KEY TERMS Key terms are words or phrases which mark important concepts.To some extent a key term names important concepts.

KEY TERMS Key terms are words or phrases which mark important concepts.

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The writing process, however, is much more recursive and complicated than the parts suggest.

For instance, pre-writing, despite its name, includes reading; revision (re-seeing your ideas) happens throughout the writing process, and so on. Oftentimes the weaknesses in an essay are caused by problems in the writer's writing process: usually writers move too quickly to the drafting stage and do not revise their work, substituting small editorial changes for revision.

To test whether your idea is arguable, ask yourself if more than half the class would disagree with your thesis. If your thesis is specific, this means that your thesis is text specific.

In other words, if you can apply your thesis to many texts, your main idea is not specific enough.

EXPLORATORY WRITING Exploratory Writing is any writing that you do prior to the final draft, such as free writing, journal writing, note taking, brain storming, outlines, web making, in-class writing, "response" pieces, summaries, etc..

Essay Key Terms

The best exploratory writing forces the writer to return to the primary text and re-see it.Given the argument, the final paragraph must, because of the break down and/or expansion of the thesis, offer something new to the reader.The key to writing arguments, however, is the connections made between ideas and their evidence.The body of your essay contains the essay's argument.The body of an essay does not merely show or demonstrate evidence of a thesis; rather an essay breaks down a thesis into its component parts and/or expands upon a thesis.All discourse communities have their key terms; all essays also have key terms.In an essay, key terms act like the main characters of a story, and like a story, a writer should not change the characters name without clearly describing the alteration.Make sure for instance that you know whether you need to write an inductive or deductive argument: deductive arguments prove; whereas inductive arguments persuade.In all essays, the argument develops (moves, progresses), and the conclusion of the essay does not merely repeat the thesis.A thesis usually tells the reader how the evidence works or why the evidence is interesting.A thesis is declared in either the opening or closing paragraphs.


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