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The majority of Americans can be seen as lazy or indolent because they do not go to the gym or throw a football because of the dependency of television.

People don’t value other people or even objects very well.

Moreover, television gives us not only entertainment but also knowledge.

Our children can learn new things not only from school or books but also from TV programmes.

Many people view television as a very positive form of entertainment, as it is without a doubt the most popular kind in the world.

There are also those people who say that television is going to be the downfall of our In 1996, a census was taken and it was found that 99% of Americans have at least one television in their home. Television can expose children to situations that they should definitely not view at young ages.

In periodicals we had ‘Life’, ‘Time’ and ‘Newsweek’ – a trinity of publications which were unmatched for their interviews, editorials and pictorial content.

Leading public figures vied with each other to have their photographs on the cover page- a prerogative only reserved with the editor. C London with a team of reporters posed all over the world, had access to the most current – the latest news, and were again, listened to for guaranteed authenticity. During the heights of the Iraq War, the Indo-Pak war and the recent Afghan War – listeners round the world tuned into their wavelengths for update and authentic news.

We keep in touch with all places on the globe thanks to the information which is available on TV.

We can also be sure that we will be the first to know about some changes or important events.


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