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Interpersonal skills are the skills we are using every day for communication and mixing around with other people. Many people have worked really hard in their professional and personal lives.

Four interpersonal communication skills are: Assertiveness means where one person stands ground for another and standing up for that person. Many people seek to be assertive through using methods and techniques that can be achieved.

Participants always have the right to withdraw from their participation in research at any time and for any reason without penalty or loss of benefits to which they would otherwise be entitled.

Minute recorder A minute recorder or secretary is the person who takes notes of all the meetings and makes it into a proper report for both the parties to keep.

Participants Rights and Responsibilities Have certain responsibilities which include: Making every effort to gather sufficient information that will allow them to make an informed decision about their participation, in good faith .

While participating, they should also make every reasonable effort to comply with protocol requirements and inform the investigators of unanticipated problems.

For example executive manager passes a message that a new product has to be launched in Alliance & Leicester and this message has to be passed on from one stage to another.

The downward flow of communication provides a channel for directives, instructions, and information to organizational members.


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