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”Many thinkers give irrefutable that Jefferson took the idea of the text of the English philosopher, John Locke, except that Locke used the phrase “life, liberty and property” as the main natural rights.

However, by replacing part of the “property” by the “pursuit of happiness”, Vernon Louis Parrington, historian and American professor, Pulitzer Prize for History in 1928, explains that Jefferson was influenced by the French vision of a humanitarian democracy which calls for a Constitution designed to safe. to a useless and senseless competition, believing that money or sensual pleasures pave the way towards the satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

We spend a great deal of time pursuing things we believe will make us happy.

It is also a common belief that we can all benefit from becoming happier.

Intensity is the first aspect that Gruber and colleagues looked at when talking about happiness.

Intensity refers to the “” (Merriam-Webster, 2019).

The state is responsible for ensuring the welfare state that allows American reach the degree of happiness which all desire.

We have all used these lines at one point in our lives.

When something is said to be “intense” it usually means there is a sense of being extreme or too strong.

In this case, “too happy” or “too positive” can mean an intense level of happiness.


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