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In the past, the only way to grade a paper or an essay, was to take every sheet of paper and analyze it from top to bottom while making notes and correcting mistakes.

This is a highly inefficient way to deal with this task, but as computers intelligence is rapidly evolving, now we have a great range of PC tools with an ever greater range of features.

This app helps adult learners develop their writing skills.

Some notable features : This application is a automated writing evaluation engine that can easily automate the evaluation of your essays.

This software uses a combination between human raters and AI capabilities to offer clear results, fast.

This tool can also be used in a variety of learning contexts, such as in classrooms, presentations, etc., and can be used to generate individualized feedback or can be used to batch process the essays your students presented.

This list covers a wide range of needs, and can be very helpful for both teachers and students.

Students can use this type of software to correct any mistakes before sending the essays to their teachers, and the teachers can focus on more important tasks like students engagement.

The powerful KAT engine analyzes your essay using a combination between both LSA and IEA features.

Try Knowledge Analysis Technologies In this article, we explored some of the best automated essay grading software on the market in 2019.


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