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For more information about financial requirements to obtain an I-20 form, please contact the Office of International Programs – International Admissions Applicants for the MSW program are required to submit all of the following materials in order for their application to be considered complete.Applicants should review the School of Social Work MSW Application information listed below.

All University of Maine graduate program applications, including the MSW program, are completed using a central online application site.

Specifically, MSW applicants may complete applications by using the Graduate School’s online application .

Prior to my residency in the UK, I have lived in one of the developing countries of Africa-Nigeria- a country where social inequality, poverty, social injustice and lack of respect for human right prevail...

I have decided to take up the course in social work because firstly the subjects which I am doing sociology looks at people and society's problems, I have in this subject done work on family and at the moment doing religion, this has fascinated me to help people who are facing problems such as abuse in families...

The very last thing I wanted to do at that moment was to get up and go out in the cold.

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Unfortunately, there was little choice; I was the only Crisis Companion available during the week between Christmas and New Year.

Social Work It was the shrill ringing of my pager that jarred me out of the deep sleep I had been enjoying.

The clock beside my bed read as I fumbled around in the dark, reaching for the insistent pager.

When I first heard these statistics in a Women's Studies course my Freshman year, I was astounded and thoroughly incensed.

The more I read, the more committed I became to doing something which would bring about a positive change for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.


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