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OTHER PROFESSIONAL, CRITICAL AND CREATIVE ACTIVITIES International Representative, Quality Review Committee for the review of the Department of Folklore ( (Australian journal of ethnomusicology), 1996-2004.Member, Executive Board, Canadian Society for Traditional Music, 1995-2004.

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III: Examples of printed folk-lore concerning the Orkney and Shetland Islands Fire, collected by G. Black London: David Nutt, 1903 download County Folk-Lore vol.

VII: Examples Of Printed Folk-lore Concerning Fire, collected by John Ewart Simpkins London: Sidwick and Jackson, Ltd., 1914 download Criminal trails in Scotland, from A.

Concert performance, South Coast Blues Festival, Dunnville, Ontario, August 1, 2, 3, 2003.

Concert performance, Atlantic Scene Arts Festival, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, March 2, 2003.

Annals of the kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters, from the earliest period to the year 1616 Dublin: Hodges, Smith and co. Includes data about Deluge times, Tuaha De Danann, Fomories, Milesian. 28 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Clan traditions and popular tales of the Western Highlands and islands, by John Gregorson Campbell London: David Nutt, 1895 download Collection of rare and curious tracts on witchcraft and the second sight, with an original essay on witchcraft Edinburgh, 1820 download Collection of popular tales from the Norse and North German, by George Webbe Dasent Norraena Society, 1907 download [The] Coming of the fairies, by Arthur Conan Doyle, illustrated from photographs.

Volume 01 Volume 02 Volume 03 Volume 04 Volume 05 Volume 06 Volume 07 Ancient legends, mystic charms, and superstitions of Ireland, by Lady Wilde ("Speranza") Boston: Ticknor and Co., 1887 Volume 1 Volume 2 Banks of the Boro: A chronicle of the County of Wexford, by Patrick Kennedy London: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., 1867 download Beside the fire: A collection of Irish Gaelic folk stories, edited, translated, and annotated by Douglas Hyde London: David Nutt, 1890 download [The ]Celtic review Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4, scan variant 1 Volume 4, scan variant 2 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7, No. New Yourk, 1922 //the book around the well-known "Cottingley fairies" photos download County folk-lore vol.

Occupational history interview with actor-dramatist-producer David Ross concerning the role of folklore in Newfoundland radio drama; MUNFLA 82-170, 1982. Folk music interviewer with singer-musician Denis Ryan; MUNFLA 79-591, 1979.

With Neil Rosenberg, folk music interview with singer-musician Ray Johnson (Job’s Cove); MUNFLA 82-83, 1982. John’s dramas as performed by Jim Payne, Janice Spence, and Rick Boland; MUNFLA 81-511, 1981. Folk music interview with accordionist Edward Corcoran (Mortier); MUNFLA 80-493, 1980. Occupational history interviews with Esau Mercer (Bay Roberts) and Joseph Boland (Newtown); MUNFLA 79-489, 1979.

Co-Convenor “Popular Music Section,” American Folklore Society, 1992-2003.

Member, Ethnomusicology Program Committee, MUN, 2003-2004. Paper presented, “Great Big Mistake: Fandom, Stockwell Day and Spoiled Identity.” “Practising Popular Music,” International Meeting of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM), Mc Gill University, Montréal Québec, July 2003. Whoever Gets There First.” Symposium: “Who Owns Traditional Music?


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