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Right to education Due to the lack of infrastructure, of means, of knowledge and above all of goodwill, most of the disabled children do not receive education, not even primary education for that matter.

In fact, international statistics point out that only 2% of disabled children enjoy the privilege of going to school.

Violence There is an increasing risk of disabled children becoming unfortunate victims of violence due to their inability to defend themselves.

Thus, physical, psychological and emotional violence happens to be a sad reality that disabled children undergo in domestic, institutional as well as social circles.

Unfortunately, in certain countries, a physical or psychological handicap could also be the cause of infanticide following the social and financial burden disabled children put on their family.

Discrimination due to disability Discrimination due to disability is numerous: in fields such as education, lodging, transportation and cultural life, most of the places and services concerned are largely inaccessible to individuals suffering from disabilities.Right to participation This is one of the fundamental needs of a disabled child, but unfortunately the one which is most often ignored.Like in the case of any other child, the handicapped child must be given the opportunity to be heard in any proceedings affecting him according to article 12 of the CRC.But, a disabled child is capable of engaging himself in constructive things, and above all they are capable of progress.Unfortunately they are seldom provided with an opportunity to progress.The right to proper treatment The second paragraph of article No.23 CRC, dedicated to children with disabilities guarantees their right to get special care and to request the granting of state assistance, adapted to the child’s country and to the financial standing of his parents or his guardian.It is obvious that children with disabilities are entitled to special treatment, but in practice, most of these children are entirely deprived of even proper medical treatment.Their chance of recovering or in the least of living with less suffering are thus reduced to zero.This type of thing is mostly flagrant in developing countries where the majority of disabled children are illiterate and they live completely isolated form the rest of the society.Often, they are forced to beg in order to provide for themselves and they live in streets in extreme poverty.


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