Essay Criticism Part 3

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In his work, poetry — immemorially connected to the moon — exists side by side with solar nature, and claims its own inspiration.Ammons never forsook the delights of the colloquial; his last book, (2005), like his first, makes ordinary speech a fundamental principle of style.

Following graduation, he married his young Spanish teacher, Phyllis Plumbo; from his letters to her during their courtship we learn of the agony he felt trying to arrange his future so that he could support a family and still write.

Somewhat to his surprise, he became a successful sales manager, rising to executive vice president.

Gender studies also considers how literature upholds or challenges those constructions, offering a unique way to approach literature.

Feminist theory can be traced to the theories of Simone de Beauvoir in .

According to Bressler, “central to the diverse aims and methods of feminist criticism is its focus on patriarchy, the rule of society and culture by men” (168).

Feminist criticism is useful for analyzing how gender itself is socially constructed for both men and women.They were almost uniformly rejected, and he grew so discouraged that in 1955, at the age of twenty-nine, he self-published a small book, he explained that the volume’s perspectivism stemmed from his profound distrust of ideological prescriptiveness, whether religious or political.An ommateum is the compound eye of an insect, each facet of which, he wrote, perceives a single ray of light, the whole number of facets calling up the image of reality.Walking the Jersey Shore in the title poem, he realizes that he is not satisfied with “narrow orders, limited tightness,” but hopes to describe the “widening scope” of perception: The errant comma, the use of lowercase at the start of lines, and the absence of final punctuation recall E. Cummings; the careful downward progress of the words resembles the tentative steps of the cat in William Carlos Williams’s “Poem.” These lines directly contest the long Whitmanesque lines to which Ammons was intermittently attracted. And although both choices — short and long — offer freedom from ordinary lineation, Ammons was still not truly free. Sign in to Customer Care using your account number or postal address. In 1961, Ammons attended the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, where he met another poet, Milton Kessler.Through Kessler’s sponsorship, Ammons got his second book, (1964), accepted by the Ohio State University Press.He continued to rely on such assertive conclusions as “I faced / piecemeal the sordid / reacceptance of the world,” the kind of conventional summing-up that his mature poetics would not permit. Such conclusive terminations are incompatible with the ever-anticipated “new walk” promised for tomorrow. The Chicago poet John Logan was offering a correspondence course in poetic composition, and Ammons sent him the book.He found an enthusiastic reader who understood his achievement: “I have read your book several times and I find it completely beautiful,” Logan wrote.


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