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An unconditioned stimulus (UCS), unconditioned response (UCR), conditioned stimulus (CS), and conditioned response (CR) are all involved in the Pavlovian experiments.

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This accidental discovery proves how individuals can easily become apprehensive to the dreading sound of a dentist's drill, but not to a simple electrical drill one might have at home.

Iran Pavlov's contribution also verifies how classical conditioning is not necessarily permanent, but yet individuals can respond to different stimuli as though they are alike.

He began noticing that the dog not only salivated to the food in its mouth but with the environment associated with food such as location, sight of the person feeding him, the food dish, even the sound of footsteps.

Pavlov considered these “psychic secretions” an annoyance of his study until he realized it all apart of the form of learning.

Even though a single human being can experience the effects from a dental drill sound, does not mean that a powered elect ...

Ivan Pavlov, a russian behaviorist, is known for his classic conditioning experiments.

Examples can be found in famous experiments and in our everyday lives.

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An example of conditioned stimuli would be a tone (such as whistle or bell) that is sounded immediately before the wind blows in a person’s eye; this additional and intentional stimuli of the audible tone is meant to train the subject that wind is about to blow into his or her eye (Malaka, 1999).

Unconditioned responses are those responses generated reflexively and instinctually because of a given stimuli; no formal training or learning is necessary for unconditioned responses to take place.


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