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At the heart of the crisis that has gripped my community, the nation and the world is dishonesty, avarice and uncertainty.It is more than upsetting to recognize that unsavory business practices have hurt so many people across the globe.We then help you to polish your expression, grammar, and use of language to present the best of your writing.

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By perfect, I mean that every item I have sold arrived on time, shipping charges were deemed fair, the items were properly portrayed, and buyer-seller communication was excellent.

I don’t claim that these practices are ingenious or innovative, but in my field of work the abundance of chicanery is unsettling.

They were the lights of a new country and a new life.

I didn’t know why this memory always stood out at the time, but today, I do.

They never heard my first words, saw my first steps, nor did they share the first bits of my childhood.

But in the end, all the sacrifices were worth the effort, something I note with more insight every year: I can now see a chain of goodwill, one that has made me see the benevolence in people.It was four years ago that I re-acquainted myself with my old elementary school love, baseball cards. the transaction was completed and I was back to sleep.I spent an inordinate amount of time researching and buying everything pertaining to baseball cards. It wasn’t too long before buyers and sellers in both the Japanese and American markets started to rely on my company.Not only does it undermine the basis on which business should be conducted, but it also goes against my own ethical code.I have built a successful company from scratch without the assistance of mom, dad, or uncle based on fair and honest business practices.I’ve lived two lives – the first began with the lights and an apartment, the second with the lights and an airplane.Today, I bridge the gap between the two, and I see that I am fortunate to have two lives and people who care in each of he current financial recession irks me.Today, I can imagine the glow of the sun and the scent of the greasy, fried delicacies of the vendors just an alley away.I hear the bustle of the cars, but mainly pedestrians and bicycles going to work in the city.It is a time that I remember fondly today, although I’m sure the gaps in my memories have often been clouded by half truths, pieced together from random photographs and my own impressions.These memories are my constant reminder of what has become my own basic philosophy on life.


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