Essay Analyzing Of Mending Wall By Robert Frost

In the poem itself, Frost creates two distinct characters who have different ideas about what exactly makes a person a good neighbor.The narrator deplores his neighbor’s preoccupation with repairing the wall; he views it as old-fashioned and even archaic.Moreover, the annual act of mending the wall also provides an opportunity for the two men to interact and communicate with each other, an event that might not otherwise occur in an isolated rural environment.

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He does not believe that a wall should exist simply for the sake of existing.

Moreover, he cannot help but notice that the natural world seems to dislike the wall as much as he does: mysterious gaps appear, boulders fall for no reason.

Every year, two neighbors meet to repair the stone wall that divides their property.

The narrator is skeptical of this tradition, unable to understand the need for a wall when there is no livestock to be contained on the property, only apples and pine trees.

Perhaps his skeptical questions and quips can then be read as an attempt to justify his own behavior to himself.

While he chooses to present himself as a modern man, far beyond old-fashioned traditions, the narrator is really no different from his neighbor: he too clings to the concept of property and division, of ownership and individuality.was his first published poem, which appeared on November 8, 1894, in The Independent.Frost’s poetry was greatly inspired by his wife, Elinor Miriam White, who died in 1938.“Mending Wall” is autobiographical on an even more specific level: a French-Canadian named Napoleon Guay had been Frost’s neighbor in New Hampshire, and the two had often walked along their property line and repaired the wall that separated their land.Ironically, the most famous line of the poem (“Good fences make good neighbors”) was not invented by Frost himself, but was rather a phrase that Guay frequently declared to Frost during their walks.This particular adage was a popular colonial proverb in the middle of the 17th century, but variations of it also appeared in Norway (“There must be a fence between good neighbors”), Germany (“Between neighbor’s gardens a fence is good”), Japan (“Build a fence even between intimate friends”), and even India (“Love your neighbor, but do not throw down the dividing wall”).In terms of form, “Mending Wall” is not structured with stanzas; it is a simple forty-five lines of first-person narrative., which can also be read in full here, was published in 1914 by David Nutt.In modern literature, it is considered as one of the most analyzed and anthologized poems.Though his work mainly relates to the life and landscape of New England—and though he wrote his poetry in traditional verse forms and metrics and remained completely aloof from the poetic movements—he is more than a regional poet.He is in fact an author of universal themes; he used quite easy-to-understand language with layers of irony and ambiguity.


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