Essay About Traditional Family And Modern Family

Essay About Traditional Family And Modern Family-22
One of them once asked me why his parents could not live together and why the father instead lived with another lady.

Even though my family fits the traditional nuclear structure, it is most certain that I have friends living in households that have different structures.

I have always had younger friends who question why their parents had to get divorced.

Coontz (34) expresses his feelings of the nuclear family being the building block of society.

He believes that the family structure is ideal family for the modern society as it nurtures morality and discipline among children.

Such questions imply that the children only want to understand the different family structures and the changes that lead to the structures.

It is a typical situation for us to view the society through our family experiences and therefore grow up with the belief that ‘our’ families are the same.Joining school as a child, I realized that the notion of what is a normal family was different from some of my classmates.The expectation of the ideal family comprising of the mother, father and children happily taking a meal together was not the reality for sole-parented families, same-sex families, extended families, and childless households.The changes in family structures are majorly due to the expanding workplace and educational roles held by women in the society.The post-industrial economy that is information and services based has seen the married woman join the workforce (Coontz 46).It comprises of two adults of both sexes, who are in a socially approved relationship and with at least one child (Rockwell 18).The nuclear family is commonly used when describing a family unit.The small nature of the family made it easy for geographical and social mobility, therefore providing a haven for its members.However, today the society is keen on a nuclear family based on heterosexual adults who are married and in turn become parents.The American family happens to be a rapidly changing institution.It is unlikely that one may find themselves in the stereotypical American family comprising of two parents and children.


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