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Many photographers complete photography projects that become art.

For instance, Lauren Greenfield completed a documentary project called “Thin,” in which she documented women with eating disorders.

Many contemporary artists embrace art as concept—the idea is more important than the work of art.

For many, something is art if it embodies beauty or the sublime. Many people who have studied art would argue the following: The only person who is an artist with a camera is the trained person, either self-taught or formal education, who begins with an idea or concept, then intends to “create art” with by “making photographs” instead of taking snapshots.

Suppose another woman takes courses at university, studies the masters of photography, learns to use the features of her digital SLR camera, such as shooting in aperture priority and shutter priority, pre-visualizes her subject, use lighting artistically, then begins taking photographs with the intention of documenting reality. In the 30s, Edward Weston began seeing landscapes creatively and captured it with his camera in black and white.

Similarly, Ansel Adams often captured landscapes as abstracts in black and white.Her photographs now hang on the walls of “The Fahey/Klein Gallery.” ( is now one of the most popular mediums for creating art.Museums and galleries around the world regularly organize photography exhibitions.For instance, Arnold Newman composed his subjects artistically within their working environment and then took celebrity portraits of them.One of his famous photographs captures Igor Stranvinsky sitting at the far left of his piano.In the 60s, the Art world began recognizing photography as another medium that could create art.The art world began recognizing “snapshot aesthetics” as art.Edward Burtynsky creates art from the effects of man polluting the environment.Andreas Gursky is known for his large-format images of landscape and architecture.Steve Mc Curry ( ) who is photojournalist and documentary photographer has captured of war and people in the third world.Documentary photography Martin Parr ( ) is recognized around the world for his images of people in various social settings, such as travel and beach.


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