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As a physical discipline, parkour might be said to have a “poetics” — first, in general, in the Aristotelian sense of constructing through its various techniques (tekhnē) the drama of each parkour event.

Secondly, one can consider parkour following Aristotle’s model of four-cause analysis as regards its specific , including its effects upon its audience and the traceurs themselves.

Perhaps most important in the rapid development of parkour into a world-wide youth movement, however, has been the proliferation of parkour websites featuring amateur videos, photos, tutorials, and blogs.

The word “parkour” is derived from the French “parcours” (as the sport is known in France): a line, course, circuit, road, way or route, and the verb “parcourir”: to travel through, to run over or through, to traverse.

if we willingly allow ourselves to be His servants, the Lord will use our strengths and talents to help build the His Kingdom.

The announcement about the new missionary application—the same application for everyone—is proof that in exercising our faith in the Lord, and His living prophet, we will each be given every opportunity to succeed in our service.

To learn this modern and beautiful art, one can have series of lessons and even to have a certificate as a parkour practitioner.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, despite that, taking into consideration, you make the choice, and you feel if you like parkour or not. About the author: Paul Smith offers to see his wonderful works on essay editing.

Parkour is a method of physical training that uses obstacles as improvement of movements, to escape or to run down someone.

Besides, for some people parkour became a lifestyle and philosophy.


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