Essay About Our Country

There have been many brave women and men who have risked their lives so we can live the way we want to in the United States.We still have women and men fighting for our freedom today.

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Some of my relatives have fought in different wars.

My great uncle, Mel, my grandpa, and my mom's cousin, Lee, fought to defend our great country, knowing that they could be killed.

It states that the Congress, uses this to tell the Army Corps’ Engineers what and where to build on our landscape.

This WRDA includes provisions (Section 2032 & 2033) that would speed up Corps projects by shortening the amount of time available to complete a thorough environmental review of the projects but at the same time it undermines the National Environmental Policy Act or the (NEPA).

Probably half of our population would be wiped out.

That means many families would be afraid to leave their homes in case they got hurt or even killed.

Without freedom, there would be no afternoon or evening activities.

In other countries, religion is discouraged or even forbidden, so there is no or little amount of freedom of religion.

What makes the USA different from other nations, so appealing to people of other lands that they come by the millions?

Why do we choose how to live unlike other countries? Freedom is the ability to make choices and to carry them out, as long as they show no unjust, unnecessary or unreasonable limits of others' freedom.


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