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Some means of earning a living while preparing for a new career was foremost on my mind during this stage.

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If through my new career, I could contribute something positive to others; then I will have felt that Made the right decision.

Service is excellent and forms various forms of communication all help with customer service.

I used to pay little attention to Christianity or anything to do with Church during my childhood and junior high school.

When I went to senior high school I started feeling a pull towards the things of God and I started listening to preaching although that is the far I went.

Afterwards I would regret why I did what I did but anyway next time it will still repeat itself the same way.

I wanted to break that tendency, I wanted to be free and I knew if I cross the line to the other side they will just forget me.Another difficulty equally as important as the the financial one was the possibility of failing at a new endeavor or not being able to find a new job.These possibilities made me feel uncomfortable and insecure. in our lives where we all have to face important decisions and challenges maybe taking examinations or starting a new job. one girl especially called Jasmine who was also alone, started making conversation. Life presents as with choices that we have to make.The best decisions are the ones that are made independently and thoughtfully.These concerns, failure and financial, and not finding a new job made this decision very difficult. The decision to choose a new career was an extremely important one. The most important decision in my life is marrying my husband, though it means I lost ... My dreams have all come true with my important decision, and my marriage is letting me live my life to the fullest. The work I was doing did little for others, and in fact, served only a small, special interest group. Many of these important decisions he was able to decide for himself while other important decisions ... Sure they did forget me, I got new and responsible friends who give me time and space to be myself.Being myself and changing friends helped me to escape the ruinous life most of the young people live in the name of enjoyment.The sole function of a career is not just to provide a means to make a living; it should have a larger purpose. a lot of important decisions in our life and we need to consider them deliberately before making a choice. In addition to pursuing a meaningful career, a career should be satisfying, and make some significant contributions to other people’s lives. It is important to have a career that is satisfying, and that would allow for helping others achieve their goals. In addition with increased scientific findings, everyone has to make the choice whether ... Making the choice to change careers was important but difficult. efficiently and making clear rational choices, one can achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit.


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