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A friend is some one, who stands by our, even during difficult times.

I have learned an unfathomable amount through friendships as well as accumulating a lot of personal growth.

The significance of friendships in my own American experience has taught me unique lessons, an open mind, respect, growth, and has given me a strong feeling for who I am.

When each person in the friendship feels loved and respected, they feel that the can trust eachother and that’s where honesty comes into the picture. Tell your friend the secret as soon as you can and they will respect you even more for being so honest. Never betray your friend by talking behind their backs because once you say something, even if you don’t mean it, you can never take it back.

In conclusion, one could realize that it takes not one, not two, but the three aspects that we just covered to maintain true friendship.

A friend is a trust-worthy companion who cherishes special moments and memories of life with another person.

A good friend plays an active part in his friend’s life. He feels achieved with his friend’s accomplishments.

Friends usually earn this respect by showing how much they love and care for eachother.

But respect is also giving eachother personal space and knowing when to back off if they invaded in that space.

They share affection, which fills them with positive energy, they spend time thinking of their friends, of who is important for them and how to find ways to help them. There can bal disagreements and quarrels also, which is natural, but one must have till patience to deal with such frustrations. Willingness to compromise when one can and persistence to rebuild friends are needed for a true and lasting relationship. Without a give and take attitude the more the efforts put into it, the morel will lead towards everlasting happiness and trust.

Friendship also helps in molding the kind of person you are.


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