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The book is so convincing in the fact that this kind of reality is possible for the future of our society, that the writer had to be deeply convinced in its probability.

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The final goal of Orwell's Newspeak was Duckspeak – speech that would be produced solely by the throat, without any participation of the brain centers.

When I take a look at the pointless news produced by the numbing mass media, this dreadful prediction seems somewhat familiar.

We survived the bloodiest century in human history, although we still haven't come to the final nuclear annihilation predicted by Orwell.

One reading of this book was enough for me to understand that although this writer was inspired by the Soviet society, his vision can be applied to any government, in any period of history.

If Orwell could see the turn our society took by following the trail of technological innovation, he would consider his Big Brother to be a rather benign phenomenon when opposed to the outrageous systems for general supervision and the daily attacks on privacy we witness today.

Various Internet corporations are monitoring every human in this world without their knowledge or direct permission.His transformation represents the end of rebellious spirit and desire for freedom.Winston, who is finally “purified” with the methods of the Party, is a dark prediction for humanity.Monitoring polices are no longer aimed towards politically exposed persons. When we see that all countries belong in the territory of global supervision, we realize that democracy is nothing more than an illusion.The information coming from conflicted countries is shamelessly manipulated.Orwell, inspired by the events in the Cold War, presented a cruel type of totalitarian society, inspired by the Soviet Union under the rule of Stalin.Yet, the ubiquitous character of the Big Brother denies the idea that Orwell's vision was limited to the events he witnessed.Winston Smith personifies that natural rebellion that's still present today – some of us do not succumb to mediocrity.In the end, Winston realizes that he loves the Big Brother more than liberty.I choose to believe that Orwell's prediction was unnecessarily pessimistic in this part.Throughout the book, I sympathized with this character and suffered with him.


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