Entry Level Visual Merchandiser Cover Letter

Entry Level Visual Merchandiser Cover Letter-83
Make sure you're applying for jobs appropriate to your level.There are many different roles for visual merchandisers such as in-store VM, window dresser and creative manager.

You may also be asked to complete a floor walk or re-dress a floor bay in the actual store so be prepared for anything! Is it someone from the HR function or the creative director?

The day of your interview has finally arrived and you are fully prepared and ready to bag that dream job. Sometimes during the interview other members of the team may also be invited into meet with you so don’t let that put you off.

You may have to do extra hours and overtime without reward before you actually make it into your first role.

Even when you actually do bag the job of your dreams a typical in-store VM’s day will start at 7am and you will often be expected to do overnight shifts to change the layout of stores depending on the needs of the business.

Make sure you read the job description so you know you are applying for the one right for you.

There are many brands out there so do your research and don’t dismiss the less obvious choices.

Make sure that the pictures are well presented and clear.

It may also be worth taking a copy to leave with the interviewer if you can.

During the interview it is very likely you will be asked to talk through your CV.

Make sure you know your career path inside out and be ready to elaborate of all those great achievements.


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