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(American, 1996, 160 minutes, color, 35mm) Directed by Anthony Minghella Cast: Ralph Fiennes . Here he has created with Minghella a film that does what a great novel can do: Hold your attention the first time through with its story, and then force you to think back through everything you thought you’d learned, after it is revealed what the story is "really" about.All the characters have lives that have been affected and forever marred by the war.

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Love also transcends all circumstances and is portrayed in the love of Katherine who thought long dead is mourned and longed for by the English patient Almasy.

Hana the nurse also mourns her dead father whom she loved dearly.

The English Patient in his much burnt out condition is a contrast to the daring and seasoned traveler that he was in his past.

The description of his body helps the reader to appreciate the depth of sacrifice.

This essay discusses that in line with the theme of war, the narrative is set in a villa and countryside that depicts the ravages of war.

Hana uses books from the badly bombed out library to make two makeshift stairs by nailing books together in the villa.

"Producers are not always creative contributors to films, but the producer of and savors their difficulties.

But the novel is so labyrinthine that it’s a miracle it was filmed at all, and the writer-director, Anthony Minghella, has done a creative job of finding visual ways to show how the rich language slowly unveils layers of the past.

At the time when Godot was first done, it liberated something for anybody writing plays. The intro to the report offers a quick look at what the report will contain, and also shows a quick overview into what the project is doing.

The writer also includes how long he has been working on the report, a testament to how much work he has truly put in.


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