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While optional, we at College Vine highly recommend that you respond to this prompt.

Often known for its fierce athletic rivalries, the Trojan student body advertises a highly spirited, tight-knit community.

With nearly one-fifth of the undergraduate class involved in Greek life, the school encourages its students to embrace both social and intellectual endeavors.

Perhaps your sexuality has only recently caused you to question how you perceive the world, and you would like to expound upon the nature of that development.

A misconception about the LGBTQ community is that its experience is a completely collective one.

All over the world, there are countless individuals — athletes, musicians, scientists, professors, politicians — who identify with the LGBTQ community.

The point is, sexual orientation isn’t an all-encompassing way of characterizing any single individual, and everyone’s experience is different.

Applicants submitting the Coalition Application or Common Application will also respond to the following short answer questions, in 35 words or fewer: In addition to writing on your chosen prompt, upload an audio file, video, image, or document you have created.

The upload should complement your response to the chosen prompt.

Duke wants to better understand how your background, ideas, etc., will contribute to its increasingly diverse community.

reflect what the institution values about diversity.


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