Energy Management System Thesis

Energy Management System Thesis-17
The MPPT algorithm was implemented by measuring the electrical current for several voltage values at the required time interval.This method removes any possibility for the system to enter an unstable oscillation mode (sometimes affecting other types of algorithms).

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The standard energy consumers, which can be considered by the conceptual microgrid model, include, but are not limited to general lighting, local electrical heating and general electrical outlets.

The critical consumers include the following essential services and equipment: technological processes that induce unacceptable interruption costs, safety lighting, or alarm and safety systems [7].

The special operating conditions of the power systems require new solutions in order to ensure the continuity of the power supply.

Therefore, the chapter proposes and analyzes the integration of renewable energy sources (RESs) (photovoltaic panels and wind turbines) into a mixed microgrid by using the Lab VIEW software.

Microgrids are designed to operate semi-independently, usually in grid-connected mode, providing options for isolated or islanded operation, either for economic, reliability, or security reasons.

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Also, the development of new energy sources as well as their integration within microgrids allows the supply of some isolated locations, such as islands or mountain areas, which are not connected to conventional power systems.

When adjusting the output voltage of the solar cells in a variable environment, permanent maximum power generation becomes a problem.

Under these conditions, tracking the maximum power point for existing photovoltaic systems increases the efficiency in power generation [9].

The microgrid model has been implemented by developing Lab VIEW models for each component: photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, lead-acid batteries, and end users, all based on load curves and characteristics derived from the client’s database.

for a photovoltaic panel has been implemented by using the Lab VIEW environment based on Eq. Thus, Figure 3 shows the diagram developed for a Kyocera photovoltaic panel.


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