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To get a sense of how scientists do this work, students can conduct their own species tallies in their backyard or nearby park, document their findings with photographs and video, and construct maps and photo galleries that summarize the results.Our lesson plan “Backyard Science: Tallying Local Species to Learn About Diversity” provides details on how to complete a species tally activity.2.This lesson addresses the Next Generation High School Life Sciences Standard on Ecosystems, particularly HS-LS2-7, which asks students to design, evaluate, and refine a solution for reducing the impacts of human activities on the environment and biodiversity.

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A green, tree-lined valley in Yeongyang-gun, South Korea could soon be turned from a picturesque slice of nature into a scene out of a sci-fi film, complete with giant glass domes encapsulating the landscape.

Despite disrupting nature in the short term, the plan is actually a national research and conservation effort, and architect and engineering firm Samoo recently unveiled its winning designs for the project, the National Research Center for Endangered Species, to be built there.

• What are you now thinking about your proposed solution, having learned about it, presented it and received feedback? After students have had a chance to reflect on the panel’s feedback, they can refine their solution further.________Oecophora bractella, left, a moth native to ancient forests in Europe, was first seen alive in North America on Carol Kaesuk Yoon's living room window.

• What are you now thinking about the question of how to help endangered species? A clutch of house sparrow eggs were found abandoned in her birdhouse.1.

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Endangered Animals Photo Essay

quality=75&auto=webp&disable=upscale"/The African wild dog. In this lesson, students use Times reporting to learn about how human activity threatens the Earth’s biodiversity, and they research possible solutions that weigh environmental, economic and social concerns.

Beyond that, reports that there will be two additional regions of the center.

One will hold a visitor's center and administrative offices, and the other will have guesthouses for select visitors and researchers.

The center will also allow for the study of rare plants.

While a design this ambitious may seem like it could never leave the concept stage, there's good reason to believe Samoo will follow through: in collaboration with another design firm, it recently saw through the construction of another ambitious conservation project in South Korea — the snaking National Ecology Center.


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